The perfect hat for your sunny vacation

The perfect hat for your sunny vacation

Itching to get to your sunny travel destination? We understand completely. But make sure you’re
prepared—there are some important things to consider before you savour those well-deserved moments of rest and relaxation. First and foremost: packing your suitcase. You’ve got your dresses, tops, sandals and other summer outfits—but what about your hat? Which worthy chapeau will accompany you on your fabulous voyage? Just follow this guide!

Reasons to pack a hat in your suitcase

On your checklist: cotton t-shirts, camisoles, light pants, sleeveless dresses, a few cardigans or boleros and... your hat? You might think it’s unnecessary, but headgear is an essential item for any trip to a sunny locale. For one, it helps protect you from sunstroke and potential nasty sunburns. And of course, along with keeping your head cool, nothing adds style like a well- chosen hat. Truly the cherry on the cake, it’s an accessory like no other.

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Our tip: To transport your hat in your luggage without damaging it, so that it maintains its original shape and does not flatten, you can:

1. Insert a rigid material, molded like the crown, inside it or place it on the crown.
2. Or use a hat box!

A hat for every destination

If the snow, cold and darkness have given you a case of the winter blues, you might have neglected to do a lot of thorough planning before booking your plane ticket and accommodation in the tropics. Since your days will be packed with heat, sandy beaches and the scent of monoï oil, the ideal hat for your trip is a Panama hat or straw hat. Sure to match even your most minimalist ensemble, these eye-catching hats also have a wide brim to protect you from the sun’s rays.

Take a closer look at our ultralight unisex Grand Waffle hat with fringe detail. 

Grand Waffle
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Vacationing on the French Riviera or the Venetian coast? Choose a beautiful boater with a distinguished retro look, such as our straw Canotier model, which features a colourful ribbon as a finishing touch. 

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With narrower edges, the Fedora adds a dash of chic elegance and flair to any outfit you grab from your suitcase (even jeans!).

Fedora hat style by RONNEL
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The capeline is the perfect choice for a chic, feminine look with a hint of glamour during your tropical travels. With its distinctive rounded shape and delicate ribbon, this hat adds a touch of elegance to every ensemble. Its wide brim also ensures that the sun’s rays are never a problem.

Find out more about our Cocodama model inspired by the legendary Coco Chanel, available in several colours.

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For a quality all-purpose hat, try our simple yet contemporary City straw hat. Perfect for your shopping trips and other adventures in the city. 

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Written by: Pauline Ponchaux
Adapted from French by: Maxime Collins