Our selection of hats for Mother’s Day

Our selection of hats for Mother’s Day

May 8 is the day we celebrate moms. Friends, partners, confidants, allies, these modern-day heroines know how to multitask or should I say wear many hats! What if, for the occasion you were to offer her a hat that corresponds to her tastes and personality. We have a lovely made in Ronnel selection for you.

Why offer a hat for Mother’s Day?

You have used up all the classic gift ideas such as, perfume, jewelry, flowers, chocolates… to give to your mother on this special day. Why not offer her the perfect gift that is both original and elegant: a hat! More than a simple fashion accessory, hats allow you to elevate any look and has a genuine function of protecting you against the sun, wind, or rain. Designed using various materials, colours, shapes, and styles, you will undoubtedly find a hat that fits with your dear mother’s look and personality.

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One mom, one hat

If there is one person you know extremely well, it must be your mom. What she likes, what she does not like, her tastes, her style… You must find a hat that fits perfectly with her personality.

The retro mom

She loves wearing pieces inspired from looks from another era. Therefore, what could be better than a boater hat to make her happy! Invented in 1796, the boater hat was popular in the Napoleon III era. In the XIX century, it is associated with hobbies at that time and has become a fashion statement that can be seen is numerous famous Renoir paintings like Luncheon of the Boating Party or Les canotiers à Chatou.

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The adventurous mom

She does not envision stepping out of the house without unique and stylish attire. In short, your mom likes to be bold and relishes in nonconformism. Our suggestion is to offer her our coloured Panama hat that comes in a variety of shimmering colours such as, yellow, fuchsia, coral, light blue, navy bleu...

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The chic mom

What she likes is refined, classy and elegant attire. There is no question that this mom would wear old jeans or shapeless jogging pants even if it’s to go to the bakery. To fine tune her Pretty Woman high class look, one would have to offer her the latest accessory which is the floppy hat. Opt for our stylish and glamourous Cocodama hat inspired by Coco Chanel with its ravishing and delicate ribbon.

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The casual mom

Racking her brain is not ideal for this mom. This mom loves to take advantage of life without stressing about it. She likes to read a book in the park on a sunny day, spend some quality time with friends at a restaurant… The true epicurean lifestyle! This can be observed through her appearance. She likes to wear well-cut jeans, a feminine bio cotton t-shirt, and comfortable shoes. The only thing missing is a neutral tone marbled Panama hat like our Jaspeado model headgear.

Crédit : RONNEL


Written by: Pauline Ponchaux
Adapted from French by: Jessica Wright