A Hat for Every Style

A Hat for Every Style

We can’t say it enough: nothing beats a trendy hat when you want to bring a little something extra to an outfit. Since their appearance in ancient times, hats have been reinvented continuously, and have left their mark on our history. Having one or two hats in your wardrobe is essential, no matter your style. Whether you opt for casual chic, sporty, rockstar-inspired or preppy, choosing the right hat can complete your look perfectly, no matter the season.

The casual chic look

If you mix basic pieces with more trendy ones, your style is called casual chic. This type of dressing is very common among men, because it allows you to be comfortable yet dignified without overdoing it.

The t-shirt is undoubtedly the focal point of your wardrobe. Plain, neutral shades, preferably made from cotton. Fitted at the chest but doesn’t hug the arms. The very definition of the perfect t-shirt!

Your closet is also full of Bermuda shorts, jackets, straight jeans (the classic cut that suits all body types), canvas shoes, polo shirts, button down shirts and chinos for occasions that require you to dress up a little. Let’s not forget hats, which you love to mix and match, summer and winter.

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The preppy look

The term preppy comes from preparatory school or prep school. Private institutions that prepare students for Ivy League universities. The preppy style refers to upper-middle class youths from the East Coast of the United States. Usually rather formal—shirt, jacket, tie in university colors, and neutral-coloured slacks. These days this attire is a little more casual, but it still remains classic. Besides, aren’t you complimented, day after day, on your sense of style?

In your closet, you’ll find quality brands and refined pieces: tailored white shirts, loafers, pants—you only have eyes for chinos; cotton twill pants that are flexible, light, comfortable and very tasteful. This versatile style can be worn at the office or on weekends. Thicker fabrics do the trick during winter, but opt for cotton, a more breathable fabric, during the warmer months.

You’ve always been a fan of hats like the Panama or the Trilby, two allies of the preppy dresser.

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The sporty look

Whether you are sporty or not, you can’t leave the house without fashionable sneakers on your feet! For you, it’s more than a style, it’s a way of life—a philosophy even. What you like: confident and comfortable. Bold choices that remain mainstream (you still want to look presentable after all!)

Your wardrobe is well stocked: A mix between urban culture and simplicity; outfits that work for any occasion without the fluff. Your basic pieces: t-shirts with an impeccable cut, sweat shirts with or without a hood, a light parka, and well-fitting joggers made from cozy fabrics such as cotton twill.

To enhance these laid-back looks, you always rely on the essential cap or toque.

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The rockstar look

To pull off the rockstar look, you must: express your rebellious side, break free from the chains and channel your inner bad boy. Appearing at the same time as the rock genre in the 1950s, this style of clothing has evolved over the years but hasn’t aged a day.

In this VIP’s wardrobe, there are a few star pieces, including the leather moto jacket, straight or skinny jeans (even better with a worn effect), a plaid shirt, a plain or printed t-shirt (like a band logo), and boots. Adopting the rock’n’roll style is quite simple as long as you have the right pieces, the right attitude, and the right hat!

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The rockstar look
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Author: Pauline Ponchaux
Adapted from French by: Jonelle Larouche