Care Instructions for the Panama hat | RONNEL

The "Toquilla Straw" is an organic material that needs a certain level of humidity to remain preserved and flexible, also the hats require a certain care regime in order to preserve the shape as a whole but also the shape of the crown and the brim as well as the size and the posture of the hat itself.
  1. Do not leave the hat exposed to the sun for a long time.
  2. Always handle a hat with clean hands and by the brim, not the crown. Constant pinching can break the fibers.
  3. The hat must not have contact with water (rain or sea).
  4. The hat should not wash with water, to clean only with a slightly damp cloth.
  5. If the hat gets wet slightly, let it dry in the shade.
  6. If the hat is deformed, it can be ironed using a cloth over it, never iron directly.
  7. To remove perspiration stains from the hat, wipe the area with a clean damp white cloth as soon as possible after wearing to prevent body salts and oils from staining the straw.