RONNEL was founded by Cevallos family in 2012 at Equator but it has much more time in the history.
From Ecuador to Russia...

RONNEL has made a name for itself among the fashion forward in Russia.
Robert Cevallos, in his insistence to develop the brand, asked his children, Nelson, who moved to Russia in 2012, and Javier to send handmade hats from Ecuador, being an immediate success: the Russian girls fell in love with the Toquilla straw hats.
The Cevallos Beltran brothers’ designs evolved alongside Moscow's spring/summer fashion trends. After developing a relationship with designers and showcasing their work on the runway, the two entrepreneurs successfully positioned Ronnel as Russia's gold standard for luxury hats.
Ronnel has made a name for itself among influencers, actors, models and politicians. 
...And now in Canada
Robert Cevallos, brand owner, he had the vision to expand the brand and his niece Carmelita Beltran has been at the helm of RONNEL Canada since 2018. With fifteen years’ experience in e-commerce, Carmelita is passionate about fashion and always up on the latest fashion trends. She is delighted to be able to bring these unique, luxury fair-trade hats to the Canadian market.  
Currently RONNEL is present in Europe, Euroasia, North America and the Middle East.