Father’s Day: Our Gift Ideas

Father’s Day: Our Gift Ideas

Soon after Mother’s Day, fathers get some love too, on June 21. This year, their big day will certainly be different than years prior, but that’s okay. Thoughtfulness, caring for others, and giving back to the ones you love seems even more meaningful in these uncertain times. One thing is certain: we want to spoil him, whatever means possible.

Whether he’s father hen, stylish dad, geekie dad, or sporty dad, you still have time to decide what to give the man in your life. To help you, we’ve put a list of warm-hearted ideas together.

For the fashion fanatic

Credit : RONNEL

As the mercury rises, short-sleeved shirts and Bermuda shorts are gaining momentum. Satisfy your father's fashion appetite with a personalized t-shirt from Spreadshirt.ca. If he prefers accessories, opt for a light scarf, a sleek wallet or one of our splendid made in Ecuadorian straw hats.

For the lover of life’s finer things 

Foodie, wine or beer connoisseur—lover of all things beautiful, a man who fully indulges in life’s simple pleasures—your dad is the very definition of epicurean. Put together a basket of high-quality products that you either bought or made yourself: his favourite cake, a good bottle of wine or champagne, skin care products, a kit to make his own beer, or a voucher for a massage as soon as the spas reopen. There is no shortage of ideas.

For the fitness enthusiast 

Even on his busiest days he manages to get a workout in. During quarantine, he’s been following online classes, and when the weather is -20 degree celsius he’s still jogging outside. Nothing stops him.  So, what could be better than a fitness gift for his special day? Here are some suggestions: a running belt, a pull-up bar, a trendy water bottle, a new bicycle helmet, or top of the line hiking shoes.

For the one that’s impossible to shop for

Credit : RONNEL

Let’s face it, shopping for your dad has always been a challenge. So, to simplify things, opt for a gift card from his favourite store, and make it the amount of your choice. Present it to him in a nice card with a personalized message inside. And, voilà, Dad is happy!

For the techie dad 

Does your dad have the latest iPhone, has he turned his house into a smart home, or does he love flying his drone (legally)? If so, you’re dealing with techie dad. What to give someone who already seems to have everything? Opt for a new state of the art smart watch or headset.

For the nature nut 

Holidays in the big city do very little for your father. He prefers being surrounded by nature: camping, lakes and rivers, wild flora and fauna. If the weather is nice on Father’s Day, plan for a day spent in one of the newly reopened parks. Another option is giving him the latest tent on the market! If he's more into al fresco afternoon naps, instead of the classic deckchair, set your sights on a comfortable hammock.

We hope you were inspired by our ideas. Happy Father's Day!

Author: Pauline Ponchaux
Adapted from French by: Jonelle Larouche